Robodog seen Carrying a Gun in China

New Delhi: A video of a Chinese robot dog with a gun attachment has gone viral on Twitter. In this video, the four-legged robodog can be seen being dropped via a drone. As per the report, the video was first uploaded to the Weibo page of China Kestrel Defense. The name of the robodog is suspected to be “Blood-wing”.

The drone is called Red Wing, and as per Kestrel, the robodog can be used for a surprise attack on the enemy.

“War dogs descending from the sky, air assault, Red Wing Forward heavy-duty drones deliver combat robot dogs, which can be directly inserted into the weak link behind the enemy to launch a surprise attack or can be placed on the roof of the enemy to occupy the commanding heights to suppress firepower. And ground troops conduct a three-dimensional pincer attack on the enemy in the building,” says the English-translated video caption.

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