Rs 2000 Notes Fail to Appear in Dhamnagar

Even during the high expenditure election campaign, astonishingly Rs 2000 currency notes are not being seen in good numbers during Dhamnagar byelection.


Bhubaneswar: The campaign carnival for Dhamnagar by-election is witnessing transactions of huge amounts of accounted and unaccounted money. Crispy currency notes are being distributed to woo the voters, which is an allegation of most political parties. During last few days the cash spendings of political activists have increased.  But despite the rise in cash transactions in Dhamnagar area, the 2000 rupees worth currency notes are still not visible anywhere in this region agog with money-powered political activities.

Where are they:

Even in the video clips of the alleged distribution of cash for vote by some nefarious elements, no Rs 2000 rupee notes are being seen. Lumpsome cash payments are being made to hotels, decorators, tent houses, and various other business establishments helping out the campaign process of political parties. But nowhere Rs 2000 notes are being transacted in large numbers. In most places currencey notes of highest denomination being transacted are of Rs 500.

“We had hoped Rs 2000 currency notes will rule the show during Dhamnagar by-election, but it has not happened”, quipped a septugenraian senior citizen of Tihidi. People like him had always suspected that some of the Rs 2000 currency notes allegedly hoarded up may be used during the Dhamnagar by-election campaign process. But till now it has not happened. Appearance of Rs 2000 notes in Dhamnagar is still a rarity.

Hiding somewhere:

Rs 2000 notes have vanished from the market throughout the country. Since 2019-20 no new currency notes of Rs 2000 denomination have been printed in the country. As of February 26, 2021, around 2499 million pieces of Rs 2000 notes were put in circulation by the RBI. But most of these millions of Rs 2000 currency notes are hiding in the dark lockers of hoarders. These high-denomination currency notes are also not coming to bank counters to get deposited. So, it is a general suspicion that these currency notes may have been hoarded to be used during future elections. As Dhamnagar by-election was thought to be the curtain raiser for the coming assembly and Lok Sabha polls in 2023, people had hoped that some Rs 2000 notes may show up their faces during the campaign process of the by-election.

Wait for 2023:

But it has not happened.  The wait continues for Rs 2000 notes to get transacted in the market in large numbers even by the commoners.  Many think, the Rs 2000 currency notes will come out of their hiding only for big political events in future like the General Elections of 2023. Rs 2000 currency notes seem to have not given much importance to Dhamnagar byelection.

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