Student Wrestler Dies Begging for Water in US; His Family to get Rs 115 Cr Compensation


The family of a 20-year-old student, who died while begging for water during wrestling training, will get compensation worth more than 14 million dollars (Around Rs 115 crore) from a Kentucky university.

The university has agreed to a settlement of more than US$ 14 million over the death of this student wrestler hours after practice. The deceased student wrestler was Grant Brace (20) of Louisville, Tennessee.

“The University made the decision to settle the case now in a manner it hopes will respect the Brace family’s tremendous loss,” the university statement said.

Brace died on August 31, 2020, from heat stroke after he begged for water and was refused, reported US media. He was diagnosed with narcolepsy and ADHD and was prescribed Adderall which requires maintaining hydration, the lawsuit following his death stated.

He died during the wrestling team’s first training day of the season. After practice, the team had to sprint multiple times up and down a steep hill. When Brace sat down from exhaustion, the coach threatened to kick Brace out of the wrestling team. So, Brace ran up the hill again endangering his life. He begged for water as his condition deteriorated. But the coaches didn’t provide water to him. Emergency medical personnel were not contacted. After 45 minutes Brace was found dead.

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