Student’s food thrown away after asking her caste, the chef was arrested


Jaipur: Caste discrimination in schools. In the temple of knowledge, the oppressed student is a disciple. Such an incident has come to light from a government school in Udaipur, Rajasthan. The cook of the school has been accused of abusing two underprivileged students who came to taste the food. The police have arrested the chef in this case.

According to information, Bharodi Higher Primary School is located in the Gogunda area of ​​Udaipur. In this school, two students are given the responsibility to taste the lunch every day. On Friday, this responsibility was given to two Dalit students studying in classes 7 and 8. The two students went to the kitchen to get food. Seeing this, the chef Lalaram Gurjar first asked what their caste was. After learning that the two students were oppressed, the chef threw away the food they were holding. The students protested about this. But no one heard.

Both the students told their families about this incident. Later, the family first complained to the school principal and then to the police station. The police have registered a case against the chef Lalaram Gurjar under the SC-ST Act arrested him, and started an investigation. On the other hand, there is tension in the entire region regarding this incident. Police appealed to people to maintain peace.

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