Tata Group preparing to buy stake in Bisleri International


New Delhi: Ratan Tata’s company Tata Group is thinking of buying a stake in Bisleri International, the largest company in the drinking water industry. According to the news of English daily, Tata has made an offer for a stake in Bisleri International, owned by Ramesh Chauhan, India’s largest packaged water company.

The sources claimed that the Tata group is excited about the packaged drinking water business and has offered Bisleri to buy a stake in the company. This will help Tata gain a massive foothold in the entry-level, mid-segment, and premium packaged drinking water category.

It is said that entry into this business will enhance Tata’s ready-to-market network including retail stores, chemist channels, institutional channels, and hotels. In addition to restaurants and airports, Bisleri Mineral Water is a leader in bulk-water delivery.

Tata Consumer business of the Tata Group is quite large. The company sells Tetley tea, eight o’clock coffee, soulful cereals, salt, and pulses, in addition to operating a Starbucks café. Tata Consumer also has its own bottled water business under NourishCo but is a niche business. Now the company is looking to increase its business by acquiring Bisleri.

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