Unique Ramlila: only women will play the role of different characters


New Delhi: Navratri is going to start on 26th September. Ramlila will also be staged across the country on the same day. Everyone knows about the Ramlila to be held in Delhi’s Red Fort and Ayodhya and enjoys it throughout the Navratri, but a unique Ramlila is going to be organized in the country in which not a single male will play the role of any character. Only women will play all the characters of Ramlila. At the same time, women will also operate it as well.

During Ramlila, as soon as the names of characters like Ravana, Hanuman, and Kumbhakarna arise, the figure of men with huge and heavy voices comes to mind, but for the first time in this Ramlila, the audience would laugh at the role of Ravana, jump in the character of Hanuman. Casting into the character of Ram, the calm and dignified Purushottam, Kumbhakarna will see the fighting women playing roles on the stage of Ramlila. This Ramlila is going to be organized at Peermuchalla Dhakoli in Zirakpur, Punjab.

Social worker Ekta, who conducted and directed this Ramlila, told that this is the first Ramlila of women going to be held in the country, in which women will perform and manage all the roles starting from acting to operating and all these women are well educated. It will be organized in a very grand manner. Apart from having a grand stage, there will also be a light and sound show which will make it very special. This is the first women-run, women-played Ramlila where only women will be seen in the male characters of Ramlila. This Ramlila will be held from September 26 to October 5 from 8 pm to 11 pm.

The women who perform Ramlila include elderly women aged 13 to 77 years. In this Ramlila, 13-year-old girls to 77-year-old women are playing roles. Here 38 years old Pratibha Singh will be seen as Ram. At the same time, 46-year-old Renu Chawla will play the role of Ravana. While 18-year-old Madhavi will be seen as Sita. Along with this, a 77-year-old elderly woman will play the role of Mata Kaushalya. At the same time, 13-year-old Jahnavi Nagpal will become Angad and Vandana will play the role of Hanuman.

Ekta says that all the women and girls who are participating in this Ramlila are educated and some are working. Madhavi, who is going to become Sita, is a student of B.Tech. While Pratibha playing the role of Ram is a banker by profession. While Renu, who will become Ravana, is a social activist. Apart from this, all the girls who are there are studying in schools and colleges.

Ekta says that this Ramlila will be very grand and attractive, so its 10-day budget is also 22 lakh rupees. At the same time, the special thing is that the preparations for this Ramlila have been started only 20 days in advance, whereas people take months to rehearse the characters. All the female actors are working very hard. This Ramlila will be a big sign of women’s empowerment.

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