World Cholera Day tomorrow


World Cholera Day is celebrated every year on 23 September. The purpose of celebrating this day is to make people aware of the cholera disease spread by contaminated food and water. It is a deadly disease. It is spread through a bacterium called ‘Vibrio cholerae.’

Cholera can occur in both children and adults and the main reason for its spread is due to uncleanliness, contaminated food, and water.

The disease started in the 19th century. The disease was identified by the British doctor John Snow while living in poor areas. It started in India and later Europe, Asia, North America, Africa, etc. also came under its grip and millions of people also lost their lives.

Let us tell you that most cholera disease spreads only during rainy days because during this season the water gets contaminated and the dirt also increases all around. Therefore, along with contaminated food and food, this disease is spread by the flies sitting on them, because the flies sit here and there sitting on the dirt, which is the main factor for its spread. It spreads more in flood, war, famine, etc. situations.

Along with this, cholera is also a disease spread from person to person through dirty hands and nails. It can lead to the problem of severe diarrhea, dehydration, and even death if not treated on time.

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