E-commerce Warehouse Robbed In Athgarh, Armed Assailants Flee With Cash

Cuttack: In the second incident of its kind within three days, armed miscreants targeted an e-commerce company’s warehouse and office in Ashoknagar, Athgarh, Cuttack. On Monday morning, two masked assailants on motorcycles threatened staff at the godown with firearms, making off with a substantial amount of cash.

Law enforcement responded promptly to the reported robbery, launching an investigation to apprehend the culprits. This incident follows another on November 11, where more than eight masked individuals, armed with firearms, pursued an ATM van in an SUV and motorcycles. The criminals intercepted the van near Kalim Bagicha Rice Mill, Tigiria Police limits, brandishing a pistol and fleeing with a trunk containing over Rs 1.5 crore.

Despite ongoing efforts by the police to solve the ATM van robbery, today’s e-commerce godown heist adds another layer of challenge for law enforcement agencies. The perpetrators, by targeting different sectors, continue to pose a significant threat to the security landscape.

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