Bhubaneswar Outskirt Tribal Dwellers Celebrate Clean & Green Diwali


Bhubaneswar: Tribal dominant village, Kandalei in the Chandaka-Dampada area on Monday celebrated a clean and green Diwali with gusto.

The day started with a special morning assembly wherein locals gathered and delivered speeches on the significance of the festival and the relevance of eco-friendly celebrations.

Various other activities such as Rangoli-making, candle and ‘diya’ decoration, and bursting coloured balloon making were organized.

Noted social worker Santoshi Jain distributed sweet packets and celebrated Deepavali with the tribal people of Kandalei.

Speaking on this occasion, Jain said, “For petty happiness, we spent money on crackers but if we spent it for the poor people it put more value on our money. We not only stop putting carbon dioxide and monoxide burden to our atmosphere but also multiply our happiness by celebrating it with the poor tribal people.”

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