Former Orissa High Court Chief Justice S Muralidhar to Practice as Senior Advocate at Supreme Court

Bhubaneswar: Former Chief Justice S. Muralidhar of the Orissa High Court is preparing to embark on a legal career at the Supreme Court of India. In a recent development, the apex court has officially designated Justice Muralidhar as a senior advocate, following a unanimous decision reached during a full-court meeting led by the Chief Justice of India and other esteemed judges on October 16.

Justice Muralidhar boasts a distinguished legal career, having previously served as a judge at both the Delhi High Court and the Punjab and Haryana High Court.

His exceptional journey culminated in his appointment as the Chief Justice of the Odisha High Court in January 2021. However, he recently retired from his role as Chief Justice of the Orissa High Court in August of this year.

This significant transition to practicing law in the Supreme Court marks a new chapter in his illustrious legal career.

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