Fuel Prices In Odisha Today: How Much Do Petrol & Diesel Cost? Check Details Here

Bhubaneswar: The petrol and diesel rates depend upon various factors like local taxes, Value Added Taxes, freight charges, etc, which show that prices are aligned to the market prices, international benchmark, and foreign exchange rates.

Petrol and diesel are being sold at Rs 103.11 and Rs 94.68 respectively in the capital city of Bhubaneswar on October 24, Monday. Meanwhile, the rate of fuel is Rs 103.28 for petrol and Rs 94.84 for diesel in Cuttack.

Whereas, petrol in Puri costs Rs 103.47 a litre and diesel is being traded at Rs 95.02. The petrol and diesel prices in Sambalpur have been recorded at Rs 103.23 and Rs 95.81 respectively.

Fuel prices are continuously updated based on the dynamic fuel pricing system. The exchange rate between the Rupee and the US dollar, the price of crude oil, regional trends, and the demand for fuel are only a few of the variables that affect costs.

Since a new mechanism was put in place in June 2017, fuel prices get reviewed every day at 6 AM.

Fuel rates in some other towns:

1. Malkangiri – Petrol (108.92), Diesel (100.29)

2. Jajpur – Petrol (103.70), Diesel (95.22)

3. Rayagada – Petrol (107.01), Diesel (98.43)

4. Nabarangpur – Petrol (108.13), Diesel (99.53)

5. Koraput – Petrol (107.79), Diesel (99.21)

6. Jharsuguda – Petrol (103.21), Diesel (94.79)

7. Dhenkanal – Petrol (103.98), Diesel (95.52)

8. Bargarh – Petrol (104.29), Diesel (95.84)

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