Elderly Man Hurls Stone at Judge Inside Courtroom in Odisha; Arrested

Ganjam: An elderly man was arrested on Monday for hurling a stone at the presiding judge in the Chhatrapur court, Ganjam district. The stone narrowly missed the judge but damaged a computer.

The individual behind this act has been identified as Subhas Chandra Sahoo, hailing from the Bhanjanagar area. Sahoo was present in the courtroom during a case hearing when, without warning, he reached into his bag and launched a stone toward the Judge. Fortunately, the Judge emerged unscathed from the alarming situation, which transpired around noon.

Reports suggest that Sahoo had multiple stones in his bag. Quick-thinking individuals at the scene managed to apprehend Sahoo following the incident. He is believed to be mentally unstable, and his motive for the stone-throwing act is still unclear.

Police have detained Sahoo, initiating an investigation into the matter. Medical assessments are anticipated to shed further light on this perplexing incident.

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