IAS Ananya Das Donnes Sambalpuri Saree Which Is Absolute Favourite Of Several Odisha Bureaucrats


Bhubaneswar: Odisha is a cultural treasure trove and the chunks of its culture reflect in its cushions, art, architecture, and heritage.

The art of Odisha has always made its special contribution to the field of fashion. Whether it is Finance Minister’s 2022 budget representation day or President Draupadi Murmu’s oath-taking day, Odisha’s culture and art have played a vital role.

Yes… we are talking about Sambalpuri Saree, which has not only rocked the political or entertainment stages but also influenced the bureaucratic frames.

Traditionally handwoven ikat sari which is locally called “Sambalpuri bandha sadhi” has enhanced its charm after Odisha cadre IAS officer and now Sambalpur Collector Ananya Das dressed in a Sambalpuri saree.

Former CMC Commissioner and wife of an Odia IAS, Muhammed Abdaal Akhtar, Ananya has always extended her love for handloom sarees and has always encouraged local artisans by wearing beautiful, intricate works by them. Before her, IAS Usha Padhee and Mrinalini Darswal were also seen wearing Sambalpuri sarees.

Ananya has not only dressed in it but also encouraged the current generation to keep the tradition with its flow. She also shared some photos on her social media account on the occasion of National Handlooms Day. She was seen in traditional attire made by local weavers.

In India, the National Handloom Day is observed annually on the 7th of August to honour the handloom weavers. Handloom is a symbol of our glorious cultural heritage and an important source of livelihood and the Sambalpuri saree is one of the artistic works of local weavers of Western Odisha.



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