Multi-Toned Pressure Horn Vehicles To Face Music As STA Plans Special Drive

Bhubaneswar: In a bid to check noise pollution caused by multi-toned horns of vehicles, the State Transport Authority (STA) has planned to carry out a special enforcement drive to prevent the use of such pressure horns.

Through a letter, the STA has urged the Bus and Truck owners’ Associations to remove such horns from the vehicle and refrain from using them on the roads.

“It is to state that during enforcement it was found that many heavy vehicles are using multi-toned pressure horns while plying on the road which creates noise pollution and distracts other drivers and road users,” the STA said.

The STA said as per Rule 119 of CMV Rules, 1989 no motor vehicles shall be fitted with multi-toned pressure horns causing unduly harsh and alarming noise.

“Multi-toned horn prohibited under the said rules has become a nuisance in the state as it is being rampantly used by most of the buses leading to irritating noise pollution. In this context, it is requested to impress upon all your members to ensure not to use multi-toned pressure horns in their vehicles while plying on road,” the STA added.

Strict action will be taken against the violators, it added.

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