Odisha Bhaskar’s Facebook Page Terminated For No Apparent Reason


Bhubaneswar: If you turned to Facebook in recent times in search of some quality news, you must have felt a void. In what seems to be a dirty web of conspiracy against Odisha’s No.1 digital news platform ‘Odisha Bhaskar’, the media outlet’s Facebook Page has been unscrupulously taken down.

Whereas the real reason behind such a reprobative step by the social media company is still unclear, a severe conspiracy theory against Odisha Bhaskar is being suspected.

“We have always abided by the guidelines and terms of service of Facebook. It is really beyond my understanding that despite being so watchful and ethically correct, why our page has been unlawfully terminated by Facebook?”, Odisha Bhaskar’s founder and Managing Director Mr. Madhu Mohanty said.

“Although I am a bit disturbed by the events, I am certainly more motivated to reboot this journey and stand up on Facebook again and, I have full faith in my team that they will work even harder to make it happen real soon,” he added.

Meanwhile, after receiving numerous inquiries about our absence from Facebook, we have started a new page on Facebook to facilitate our readers and viewers with quality and trustworthy news. We hope to receive the same love and support for our new page.

Here is the link- https://www.facebook.com/OdishaBhaskarLive

Make sure to Like the page and Share it with your friends and family in order to never miss out on the latest news and events.

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