Odisha Govt Allows Doctors to Pursue Higher Studies with Study Leave

Bhubaneswar: The Odisha government’s Health Department has announced a new study leave policy for doctors, allowing them to pursue higher studies for up to six years. The decision was taken to address the concerns of medical students and support the educational aspirations of medical practitioners.

Addressing the concerns of medical students, Shalini Pandit, the Health Department Secretary, issued a clarification on this matter.

Medical professionals may take a study leave of up to six years, considering their other duty-related conditions. Importantly, the duration of their study leave will contribute towards their promotion within the department.

For doctors pursuing postgraduate or post-postgraduate studies, they will continue to receive their salary during their study leave. Their salary will be disbursed based on their last place of posting.

This initiative aims to support the educational aspirations of medical practitioners while ensuring they can continue to serve the health needs of Odisha’s residents effectively.

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