Balangir: Hindi Teacher Detained for Using Fake Educational Certificates to Secure Job

Balangir: A Hindi teacher in Odisha’s Balangir district was detained by the police for allegedly using fake educational certificates to secure her job. The teacher, Manmayee Panda, had been working at a local high school for the past ten years. However, during a review of her submitted BEd and other certificates, it was discovered that they were counterfeit.

The District Education Officer (DEO) of Balangir has filed a complaint against the teacher, along with four others, for submitting fake certificates. The details regarding the source of the fake certificate are currently unclear. The police have detained Panda for questioning to uncover the truth, and the other teachers mentioned in the complaint are expected to be taken into custody soon.

Recently, the district uncovered an organized fake certificate racket, prompting authorities to conduct rigorous scrutiny of certificates submitted by teachers and others. This incident is part of the ongoing efforts to combat fraudulent credentials in the region.

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