Odisha to Launch Program to Train Mothers on Child Learning

Bhubaneswar: The Odisha government has launched a unique program aimed at enhancing children’s learning experiences by providing training to mothers. Under this initiative, mothers will participate in training sessions at both rural and urban government primary schools in the state, occurring once every two months.

Mothers will receive instruction on how to nurture their children’s skills, including mathematical calculations and knowledge about various topics such as flowers, fruits, and seasons.

The program seeks to empower parents to become their children’s first teachers by providing them with valuable tools to enhance their linguistic and mathematical skills. Detailed agendas for these meetings with mothers have been outlined, and school management committees will ensure mothers’ attendance.

The initiative aligns with the National Education Policy 2020, emphasizing the development of children’s basic linguistic and mathematical skills.

The government aims to ensure that all students completing the third grade possess these fundamental skills, enabling them to transition smoothly to the next level of education.

Approximately 36,500 out of the total 57,000 government primary schools in the state provide education from Class I to III.

This program seeks to bridge the gap in basic literacy and numeracy, ensuring that no child faces difficulties in comprehending text or performing mathematical calculations as they progress in their education.

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