Oldest Elephant In Nandankanan ‘Prema’ Breaths Her Last


Bhubaneswar: Prema, a female elephant at the Nandankanan Zoo in Bhubaneswar, passed away on Friday. Prema, who was 68 years old when she breathed her last, was discovered to be seriously ill this morning.

On Thursday, it lost consciousness while eating grass and was given emergency medical attention by a veterinarian. According to Nandankanan’s deputy director, Chittaranjan Mishra, the jumbo was afflicted with illnesses associated with aging.

Since July, she had not been doing well. He added that Prema recently had a right leg injury as well and was receiving medical attention from a team of vets.

Announcing her death and honouring her life, Nandankanan Zoo tweeted, “Finally elephant Prema (aged 68 yr lost the battle of life today due to old age-related complications including severe arthritis after marathon efforts by Team Nandankanan under the supervision of OUAT team and other experts. Nandankanan and Visitors will miss Prema”.

It is pertinent to say here that Prema was relocated to Nandankanan Zoo from Chennai Zoo in October 1985.

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