Suna Besha 2023: Lord Jagannath and Siblings Bedecked in Golden Attire

Puri: Lord Jagannath, along with Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra, adorned the golden attire on their chariots during the Suna Besha ritual in Puri, Odisha. This event took place on the Grand Road, a day after the Bahuda Jatra celebration. Lakhs of devotees from both inside and outside Odisha flocked to witness the spectacle.

The ritual began after the completion of various ceremonies and prayers at around 5 PM. The temple servitors decorated the deities with exquisite gold ornaments. These included a golden hand, feet, crown, peacock feather, earrings, aura, and necklace. The process, sourced from the temple treasury under tight security, lasted over an hour.

The Suna Besha ritual occurs five times a year. Four of these occasions take place within the sanctum sanctorum of Srimandir, while the fifth one is conducted on the chariots during the annual Ratha Jatra. This tradition dates back to the rule of Gajapati King Kapilendra Deb in 1460. The king generously donated significant quantities of gold and silver ornaments to Srimandir after his conquests.

The Suna Besha ritual holds immense significance for devotees and is a cherished event in the religious calendar of Puri.

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