Massive Rare Medicinal Fish, Over 2.5 Quintals, Caught Off Paradip Coast

Jagatsinghpur: A rare fish weighing over 2.5 quintals was recently caught off the coast of Pradip in Odisha’s Jagatsinghpur district. Local fishermen discovered the massive fish ensnared in their net during a morning fishing expedition.

The fish species, locally known as Kakuli or Shankar, is seldom caught in this region and is known to come to shallow waters only after reaching adulthood and a significant size. While it may not be a local favourite due to its taste, it holds high medicinal value.

Given the limited demand for the fish in the local market, the fishermen decided to transport it to Digha in West Bengal for sale. Digha’s fish market is known to attract pharmaceutical companies interested in purchasing species with medicinal properties.

Due to its unique size and age, the fish is anticipated to fetch a very high price at auction.

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