Rationalists Relish Chicken Biryani To Defy Solar Eclipse Superstition


Bhubaneswar: While the entire country is observing fast during the solar eclipse on Tuesday, a group of people in Bhubaneswar organised a community feast and served chicken biryani to send across a message against blind belief.

While the traditionalists propound that a devout Hindu has to forego cooked food during the inauspicious period of the eclipse, the non-believers hold that it is a superstition and the celestial positions millions of miles away hardly can have an effect on the food of humans.

As per the traditional concept of Hindus, who worship the Sun as God, the solar eclipse occurs because Rahu, a demon, swallows the God for the short duration of the eclipse.

But the rationalists have been defying it and trying to reason that it is a celestial phenomenon that takes place due to the constellation of stars and planets.

In order to put across their point and prove the traditionalists wrong, the group of rationalists organised the community feast of non-vegetarian foods.

It may be noted that the year’s last solar eclipse was visible for around 20 minutes in Odisha and other parts of the country.

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