Sambar Deer: Know The Pride And Symbol Of Odisha

Bhubaneswar: The life which is not tamed or cultivated or domesticated or inhabited is wildlife. Precisely the life in the natural surroundings of the forest is wildlife. Nature is majestic because of the presence of varieties of natural faunal assemblage.

Sambar, a type of deer is very unique in Odisha. It is well-known since the reign of kings in our country. The kings were enjoying their period by going to the forest and hunting several species of deer.

Because of these unique features, Sambar has been considered to be the state animal of Odisha.

But the danger to this precious wildlife seriously continues. So conservation strategy must be taken up. An awareness of the destruction and damage caused to the Earth’s biodiversity by human activity and the need for a balance between the two is the basis for conservation.

For conservation to be successful this knowledge needs to be available to all strata of society. Therefore, for conservation to work, there is a need for extensive and effective conservation and environmental education. We need to do much more to protect wildlife; we need to create awareness among the masses that once a species is eliminated, it cannot be regenerated.

It may also be suggested that the state may keep a certain number of sambar at Regional Science Centres located at Bhubaneswar and Dhenkanal where the environment may be created for successful breeding as well as for creating awareness as our “State Animal”.

Secondly, a few deer parks may also be developed at certain pockets of Odisha to conserve the species and breed the same for achieving a good population of sambar in Odisha.

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