The car lost control and rammed straight into the house, one died


A shocking accident took place in the Mayurbhanj district. At 3 o’clock on Tuesday, a speeding Baleno car lost control and rammed into the house. At that time, a woman was sitting in bed in the front room. The car hit the woman in the bed. The woman was crushed under the car. The local people rescued the woman and sent her to Baripada Medical Centre, but she died during treatment. The deceased woman was Akhimani Behera of Manitri village. After the accident, the police reached the spot and conducted an investigation.

So who was driving the still unknown car? How did the car come from the road to the house? Did the driver drive the vehicle or did the owner drive the vehicle himself? Was there some fault in the vehicle or was the accident caused by drinking alcohol? Keeping all these aspects in mind, the police have started an investigation. Then the details of the owner of the vehicle will be extracted and he will be caught and questioned about everything. However, as the safety features of the car are good, the car driver was not harmed according to the preliminary investigation.

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