TPNODL’s Anubhav Kendras Serve As One Stop Solution For Rural Consumers

Balasore: TP Northern Odisha Distribution Limited (TPNODL), is in the process of establishing ‘Anubhav Kendras’ in rural areas in order to provide one-stop solutions for all electricity supply-related issues.

The objective to establish Anubhav Kendras is to ensure that consumers from rural areas need not travel several miles to the section offices for resolving issues related to payment/revision of bills, metering or any other electricity-related issue.

To further streamline and address the concerns of rural consumers the Anubhav Kendras have been established near the PDS shops. The company has also integrated Fuse call camps with these Anubhav Kendras for ensuring lineman support. The centres will offer a number of services, including bill collection, duplicate bill generation, new connection requests, resolving bill revisions, registration of metering and other complaints, and creating awareness about My Tata Power app.

A total of 50 Anubhav Kendras, one in each sub-division at the gram panchayat level, have been established by TPNODL which service over 62,000 rural consumers. The company aims to further expand Anubhav Kendras in rural areas up to section level to reach out to consumers. More than 54,000 customers have attended and 15,000+ issues have been resolved by the Anubhav Kendras. This includes more than 1,500 meter replacements and 1,700+ bill revisions. More than 4,300 My Tata Power app downloads have been done as a result of the Anubhav Kendras. My Tata Power App provides easy access to electricity supply and service-related information.

Rabindra Mohanty of Brahmabarada village got his long pending billing issue resolved through the nearby Anubhav Kendra. He says he was facing bill generation issue and was not able to take this up to divisional office due to long distance. But after registration in the Anubhav Seva Kendra in his Gram Panchayt, his long pending disputed bill issue is resolved. SanatanMohanta and SadhabiDhir from Mahabila village also had defective meter issues for few months but couldn’t reach out to the right official for getting the issue resolved. They have expressed their satisfaction that due to Anubhav Kendra in their Gram Panchayat, the executives got the meter replaced and the issue was resolved within a short time span.

Hon’ble Member of Legislative Assembly Shri Prakash Soren has appreciated TPNODL for stepping up and rendering micro level consumer centric program. Sarpanchs of Jakhapura, Brahmabarada, Ghantiali and Paschimbad have also shared a positive feedback of TPNODL’s continued developmental initiatives in and around the region.

For a more seamless complaint resolution, TPNODL has ensured that any customer can call on the toll-free numbers 1800-3456-718/1912for their concerns or can also give a missed-call on 7411779791 to get a new connection request.

“TPNODL places a high priority on customer service. In rural areas, many efforts have been made to upgrade the existing infrastructure, conduct preventive maintenance, operate customer service centres, and develop innovative solutions for enhancing reliability and improving customer satisfaction” said, Mr.Bhaskar Sarkar, Chief Executive Officer, TP Northern Odisha Distribution Ltd.

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