Mystery of Ultrafast Clouds Revealed


There are many such riddles of space for which scientists have been working hard to find out for decades. Space’s ultrafast clouds have also been one such mystery before.

Recently research has been done which raises some veils from this mystery of space.

Ultrafast clouds are quite different from gas clouds. Their speed is very fast, which is why they are called HVC (High-Velocity Clouds). These clouds are concentrations of hydrogen gas that often reside in large complexes.

New research tries to explain how these ultrafast clouds may have originated. According to research, these special clouds can result from a star’s death. The lead author of the research, Joan Schmelz, believes that if we know how far away these clouds are, then many secrets can be revealed.

Schmelz and her colleagues discovered a cavity inside the structure of an ultrafast cloud, focusing on an HEVC called MI. It is believed that this cavity may have been formed due to a supernova. Let us tell you that an explosion on the death of a star is called a supernova.

A giant star near the center of the cavity in MI contains another barely visible star. It is known as a neutron star. It is a very dense stellar remnant. It is formed when a dying big star explodes in a supernova. Researchers say that MI must have come out rapidly from this supernova itself. This research will be published soon.

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