NASA’s Artemis ready to orbit the moon, countdown begins


NASA’s special mission Artemis will leave for lunar orbit today. It will remain in the orbit of the moon for a long time, and then it will come back. Artemis will be launched via SLS Megarocket, NASA’s strongest rocket ever. This will also be the first official major flight of the SLS Megarocket. It has flown in test missions many times, but for the first time in the actual launch, it is leaving the earth with a mission like Artemis. Only a few hours from now, it will fly from Earth to reach Artemis in the orbit of the Moon.

Launching from Kennedy Space Center at 6 p.m.

According to the information, NASA will launch Artemis on August 29 from Launch Pad 39B of Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA. This launch will be done at 6 pm Indian time. On which the eyes of the whole world are on. Its countdown has started.

NASA on a manned mission for the first time since 1972

Artemis will take humans to the surface of the moon in 2025 for the first time since 1972. The mission has been named Artemis, the sister of Apollo in Greek mythology, to achieve the goal of 2025. The Apollo mission was the first spacecraft to reach the lunar surface. Now Artemis is ready to take humans to the surface of the moon after 1972. Artemis is carrying all those things with it in the current launch, through which the work of Earth’s things will be done to check the survival of the moon in the orbit.

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