New invention in the field of power supply, electricity to generate from window

What if the window in your house starts generating electricity? Be it electricity bills or power supply, both are still a problem for a large population. There is not enough power supply in many areas, so in some places, people are troubled by the electricity bill. Every day new research is being done in this sector. Whether it is village houses or high-rise buildings in cities, glass is used on the windows of houses in all these places.

If we can generate electricity through this glass, then our electricity bill can be reduced. Along with this, we will get another source for power supply. You may seem imaginary now about the power supply of window glass, but in the coming time, all of this can be true. We are talking about transparent solar panels, which are cutting-edge technology. With the help of this technology, the sunlight coming from the window and balcony can be used to generate electricity. Researchers have done a lot of work in this sector. In this, most work like Transparent Solar Concentrator.

This means that these panels absorb specific UV and infrared light wavelengths, which are not visible to us. These wavelengths can be converted into energy and used for electronic devices. This technology is also called Photovoltaic Glass. In 2014, researchers at Michigan State University designed the first completely transparent solar concentrator, which can completely convert a glass sheet or window into a PV cell.

By the year 2020, scientists in the US and Europe have prepared 100% transparent solar glasses, which brings us closer to this hypothesis. For us, this technology is of great use. In today’s time, glass is used almost everywhere. In big buildings, the entire wall is made of glass, on which this technology can be used easily. In this way, a big problem related to low power can be overcome.

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