Valorant Launches New Indian Agent “Harbour”, Leaves Players & Fans Exuberant!

With the news that the popular online video game Valorant 5v5 team-based tactical shooter will feature an Indian agent in its line-up, the Indian Valorant fanbase is incredibly pumped up.

The new character is reportedly going to be named Varun ‘Harbour’ Batra.

Through in-game features and short teasers, Riot Games, the owner of Valorant has been hinting at Varun Batra’s backstory.

However, the name “Harbour” has been officially confirmed by developers in a recently published poster for the next agent.

Varun Batra, an Indian, is said to be honing the power of water to govern places and giving his team solid backing. It is anticipated that his entry would lead to a much-needed transformation in Valorant’s Controller meta.

“For Harbor, we were looking for a personality and a character that’s like, warmer, more positive and confident and ready to get into a fight,” John Goscicki, Senior Game Producer, Riot Games said in a media interaction.

Goscicki, who is also a senior character producer on Valorant, further added, “We watched tons of movies from Bollywood and different film industries within India, read books, talked to a bunch of writers to try and get the inspiration behind the new agent.”

Whereas, Valorant has assured its players that it has tried its best to represent Harbour as authentic as possible, the in-game feel and its authenticity are to be tested once the character is out.

Valorant recently launched the agent trailer of “Harbour” on their YouTube Channel.

“A huge focus of ours has been to make sure we are remaining as sensitive as we can to our players, but also showing them in the light that they would ideally like to be portrayed,” added Alasdair Gray, Head of Marketing – APAC, Riot Games.

It is to be pointed out here that, many agents in the game have been representing essential elements of nature like Fire represented by Phoenix, Air represented by Jett, and Earth represented by Sage, whereas, Astra is said to represent a lesser-known element of the name ‘Ethereal’ or Aether.

However, none of the agents presently in the Valorant agent lineup represents the fifth major element of nature, Water, and perhaps, “Harbour” will bridge the void.

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