Rachin Ravindra Wasn’t Named After Sachin Tendulkar & Rahul Dravid, Reveals His Father

New Zealand’s rising cricket star, Rachin Ravindra, has a name that reflects his admiration for Indian cricket icons Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar. However, contrary to popular belief that his name was a combination of ‘Ra’ from Dravid and ‘chin’ from Tendulkar, his father Ravi Krishnamurthy clarified that the decision was spontaneous.

“When Rachin was born, my wife suggested the name, and we didn’t spend a lot of time discussing it,” stated Krishnamurthy, debunking the earlier story.

In a recent post-match press conference, Ravindra expressed his pride in being a New Zealander while acknowledging his Indian heritage. He said, “I was born in New Zealand, and my family’s from India, but I completely see myself as a Kiwi and am proud of my roots and ethnicity.”

Ravindra also openly admitted his admiration for Tendulkar, stating, “I idolize Sachin Tendulkar; I think a lot of people do. The way he batted, his technique was beautiful to watch.”

As Ravindra continues to make a mark in New Zealand cricket, he exemplifies the global nature of the sport, bridging cultures and inspiring fans around the world.

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