Google Marks 75th Anniversary Of Azadi With Animated Doodle


New Delhi: Depicting India’s popular recreational sport, kite-flying, in a multi-hued artwork with an embedded metaphor, technology giant Google marked the 75th anniversary of the country’s independence on Monday with a vibrant doodle.

The delectable doodle with elements of the tricolour in the kites shown follows the recent launch of the “India ki Udaan” project executed by Google Arts and Culture that celebrates the country’s achievements and is “themed on the unwavering and undying spirit of India over these past 75 years”.

“On this day in 1947, India officially became a democratic country — ending nearly two hundred years of British rule. The lengthy struggle for freedom resulted in the birth of the largest democracy in the world. Heroic freedom fighters, such as Mahatma Gandhi, led the country’s independence movement through civil disobedience and nonviolent protests,” Google said on its official page.

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