Founder Feels Former Twitter Chief Parag Agrawal Should Be The Next CEO Of Meta


Mumbai: Over $700 billion in value has been lost by Meta this year, as a result, Mark Zuckerberg, the company’s founder, saw his net worth fall by $11 billion in a single day! Formerly the third-richest American, Zuckerberg is currently ranked 23rd. While other Silicon Valley juggernauts are also struggling, Meta is not the only one.

However, the majority of them have Indian CEOs, including Sundar Pichai at Google and Satya Nadella at Microsoft. Many desis believe that the brown CEOs are likely outlasting their firangi counterparts in weathering the storm. Anupam Mittal of Shark Tank India has a joking concept that is comparable. to Meta. Mittal believes that now that Parag Agarwal has been let go by Twitter, he might be qualified for the position.

The Indians are now proclaiming Indian sovereignty over multinational corporations and even the former British Raj after Rishi Sunak was elected as the 57th Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. A beautiful wet jingoistic fantasy.

It is true that Indian CEOs run some of the most successful businesses in the world, which demonstrates our ability. But it in no way translates into putting down other nationalities and abilities. That which we are clinging to in some way because of a persecution complex.

Can an Indian CEO rescue Meta now that it’s in a slump? The business has fallen short in a number of areas, most notably in its efforts to stop hate speech, fake news, and soft porn, among other things, while also failing to give women a safe and secure platform.

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