Barabati Stadium to Undergo Full Demolition for Renovation

Cuttack: In an ambitious move, the Odisha Cricket Association (OCA) Secretary, Sanjay Behera on Wednesday announced plans for the complete demolition and transformation of the iconic Barabati Stadium in Cuttack. This decision follows discussions held earlier with 5T Chairman VK Pandian regarding the venue’s development.

The revamped Barabati Stadium aims to accommodate 60,000 spectators, up from the current capacity of 44,000, featuring modern bucket seats. Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik will lay the foundation stone for the stadium’s redevelopment on February 27. The ambitious project, expected to be completed within three years, entails an investment of approximately Rs 600 crores jointly funded by the BCCI, Odisha Government and OCA.

Under the 5T initiative, the stadium area will evolve into a state-of-the-art sports campus offering top-notch facilities for cricket and various other sports. Spectators can anticipate international standards in terms of access, parking, seating comfort and amenities such as food courts and washrooms.

Moreover, plans include the development of adjacent areas for a retail mall, a 5-star hotel and office spaces. The vicinity in front of the stadium will be transformed into a public plaza, enhancing the city’s public spaces.

Pandian emphasized cricket development as a key priority under the 5T transformation, promising quality coaching and cricket training centers across the state. Additionally, to elevate Odisha’s stature in cricket, plans are underway to launch a high-standard State-level cricket league this year.

Notably, women’s cricket will receive significant attention, with plans for the establishment of the Odisha Women Cricket Academy in Puri and further enhancements to the Odisha Cricket Academy in Cuttack.

The proposed transformation not only aims to modernize the Barabati Stadium but also to bolster Odisha’s position as a prominent hub for cricket development on both national and international fronts.

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