Fake Police Vehicle Smuggling Ganja Seized in Gajapati Dist

Paralakhemundi: A vehicle with a sticker claiming to be a police vehicle from Jharkhand and transporting marijuana was intercepted in the Mohana area of Odisha’s Gajapati district.

Around two quintals of marijuana were unearthed from the seized vehicles. Two persons from Jharkhand involved in this ganja smuggling through fake police vehicle were taken into custody by the Gajapato district police. They identified as Sunil Kumar Jadav and Arun Bharat.

According to police sources, the seized contraband was being transported from Mohana to Jharkhand.

According to reports, a police patrol intercepted the vehicle with a Jharkhand police sticker near the Atharanala area in Mohana. The driver’s replies to the police patrol’s queries led to suspicion and a search of the vehicle led to the seizure of the ganja smuggled by it.

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