ICC Announces Prize Money for ODI World Cup 2023

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced the prize distribution for the 2023 World Cup, set to be hosted by India across 10 venues, beginning on October 5th.

The champion of the tournament will be awarded a grand prize of USD 4 million, in addition to the prestigious trophy. Meanwhile, the runner-up team will take home a commendable prize of USD 2 million. The total prize pool for the tournament amounts to USD 10 million.

Even the teams that reach the semi-finals but do not clinch the title will receive a significant consolation prize. The losing semi-finalists will be awarded USD 800,000 from the overall prize fund.

In addition to these major awards, individual match victories in the group stage will not go unnoticed. Each winning team in the group stage will earn USD 40,000 for their triumph. Furthermore, even the teams that do not make it to the semi-finals will receive a payment of USD 100,000.

The World Cup will follow a round-robin format, where each team will face every other team once. The top four teams in the group stage will advance to the semi-finals, setting the stage for the thrilling conclusion of the competition.

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