IMD To Probe Delhi’s 52.3°C Temperature Spike: Possible Sensor Error

New Delhi: Delhi’s Mungeshpur Automatic Weather Station (AWS) recorded a scorching temperature of 52.9°C on Wednesday, sparking concerns among meteorologists and officials. However, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) swiftly addressed the anomaly, attributing it to potential sensor errors or local factors.

Earth Sciences Minister Kiren Rijiju emphasized that this reading was not official, awaiting verification from senior IMD officials. Amid an enduring heatwave in the capital, with temperatures consistently above 44°C, relief briefly arrived as scattered rainfall graced parts of Delhi.

IMD Director-General Mrutyunjay Mohapatra deemed the Mungeshpur reading abnormal compared to other stations, prompting a team dispatch to assess the data’s accuracy. Notably, the Safdarjung centre’s reading, considered Delhi’s official temperature, stood at 46.8°C, highlighting the discrepancy.

In a press statement, the IMD clarified the situation, citing variations in temperatures across different parts of Delhi, with Mungeshpur’s reading standing out as an outlier. The agency assured ongoing examination of the data and sensors to ascertain accuracy.

Today’s temperature, as per the Safdarjung observatory, peaked at 46.8°C, marking the highest in 79 years, according to IMD records dating back to June 1945.

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