Indian Basmati Crowned “Best Rice in World” by TasteAtlas

The Indian Basmati rice has been adjudged as the “Best Rice in the World” by TasteAtlas, a popular food and travel guide. Taste Atlas announced this great compliment as part of its year-end awards for 2023-24.

In its post, TasteAtlas wrote, “Basmati is a long-grain rice variety that was originally grown and cultivated in India and Pakistan. The rice is characterised by its flavour and aroma, which is very nutty, floral, and slightly spicy. Once cooked, the grains remain individual and don’t stick to each other, which allows curry and similar stew and sauces to coat every grain. The longer the grain, the better the rice, and the best basmati grains have a slightly golden hue.”

Arborio from Italy and Carolino Rice from Portugal were placed in the second and third positions, respectively. The other two ranks in the top 5 were occupied by rice varieties from Spain and Japan.

Recently, TasteAtlas also named Mango Lassi from India as the “Best Dairy Beverage In The World”.

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