Israel Denies Agreeing to Ceasefire to let Gaza Inhabitants Escape into Egypt

Israel has denied reports that it has agreed to a ceasefire to let inhabitants of Gaza escape into Egypt. Hundreds of Palestinians from Gaza have gathered up at the Rafah crossing between Egypt and Gaza Strip,

There were reports that Israel, Egypt and the US had agreed to a ceasefire plan at the Rafah region on humanitarian grounds. But Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office has denied reports of Tel Aviv agreeing to any such ceasefire plan.

Israel’s airstrikes on densely populated Gaza have already claimed over 2,670 lives. Israel forces are now ready for a ground offensive to free hostages taken by Hamas and target its leaders.

Ever since the Hamas attacks in Israel last weekend, which left 1,300 dead, Israel has launched an all-attack attack on Hamas’ stronghold Gaza. Gaza has two exits, the Erez Crossing into Israel and the Rafah Crossing with Egypt. Israel controls its airspace and its waters too.

Earlier, NBC News had reported that the Rafah crossing may open for a short while to let foreign nationals escape into Egypt.

US Secretary of State Antony has said that he has spoken to Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and the Rafah crossing will be reopened for reaching humanitarian aid to people in Gaza.

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