Israel-Hamas Ceasefire Extended for 2 Days, 4th Batch of Israeli Hostages Released

The humanitarian ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas in the Gaza Strip has been extended for two more days, informed Qatar on Monday. The four-day peace deal was to conclude on Tuesday.

Hamas has also confirmed the extension of the deal.

The fourth batch of Israeli hostages held in Gaza was released by Hamas. More hostages may be released as Israel and Hamas agreed to extend the current ceasefire by another two days.

According to reports, 11 hostages were delivered to the Red Cross officials in the fourth phase.

According to the deal, in exchange for one hostage released by Hamas, Israel is to free three Palestinian prisoners. So far, Israel has released 117 Palestinians in exchange for 39 Israeli Hostages.

According to the Israeli military, 200 trucks of humanitarian aid entered Gaza on Tuesday.

“As part of this aid, some 3,600 tons of tents, blankets and mattresses have been transferred to Gaza ahead of the winter. Over 2,000 trucks have entered Gaza since the start of the war, transferring water, food and medical equipment,” the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) said in a post on X.

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