PM Modi’s Song on Millets Nominated for Grammy Awards

New Delhi: A song on millets co-written by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been nominated for this year’s Grammy Awards. The song ‘Abundance of Millets’ was released in June this year. The song celebrates the International Year of the Millets, which was declared by the United Nations, this year.

The song, ‘Abundance of Millets’, features Indian-American Grammy-winning singer Falu (Falguni Shah) and her husband and singer Gaurav Shah.

Prime Minister Modi wrote the song with Falu and her husband Gaurav Shah.

Falu came up with the idea to write a song about millets when she met PM Modi in Delhi in 2022 after winning the Grammy. When the PM suggested her to write a song with a message of ending hunger, she “naively” asked the Prime Minister if he could write a song on millets.

The Indian government is promoting millet as a nutritious cereal. It was part of the menu of PM Modi’s State Dinner when he visited the US.

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