Posing as Cop, Man Rapes Delhi College Girl

New Delhi: A person posed as a policeman to rape a 20-year-old college student near her apartment in Delhi a week back. Pretending to be a cop, the accused threatened the victim with an explicit video.

The accused, Ravi Solanki, was arrested on Thursday.

On July 7, Solanki allegedly shot a mobile phone video of the young woman and her boyfriend in his car. He followed them and located the apartment of the girl in Prashant Vihar.

He went inside the apartment and claiming to be a policeman allegedly  threatened to post the video online. Then he attacked the girl and raped her on the stairs of the apartment.

Solanki escaped after committing the crime.

The incident came to fore when the victim confided in her boyfriend and the couple reported the crime to the police.

Basing on a sketch of the accused drawn as per victim’s description, and CCTV footage, police managed to track down the accused person.

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