Pralay Missile Test Fired from Abdul Kalam Island off Odisha Coast

Bhubaneswar: India’s surface-to-surface short-range ballistic missile (SRBM) Pralay was successfully test fired at 9.50 am on Tuesday from Abdul Kalam Island in Bhadark district.

Earlier this missile had been successfully test fired on December 21 and 22, 2022.

Pralay is a canisterised missile powered by a solid propellant rocket motor with a strike range of 500 km. It is equipped with a manoeuvrable re-entry vehicle (MARV) and can carry a payload of 550 to 1000kg.

This missile will be inducted soon and it will become India’s first tactical quasi-ballistic missile, featuring advanced capabilities designed to thwart interceptor missiles, and will give the armed forces the capability to hit enemy positions and key

In September, India’s Defence Ministry approved the acquisition of a regiment of ‘Pralay’ ballistic missiles to be deployed along the Line of Actual Control and the Line of Control.


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