Rs 100 Cr Worth Cash, Liquor, Gold, Drugs Seized in Poll Bound Telangana in 8 Days

Hyderabad: During the past eight days, Rs 100 crore worth of cash, liquor, drugs, gold, and silver have been seized in Telangana, where assembly elections are to be held in a few weeks.

According to the Election Commission, the seizures include around Rs 56 crore in cash, Rs 2.6 crore worth of liquor, Rs 3.42 crore worth of ganja, Rs 38.45 crore worth of gold, silver and diamonds, as well as other freebies worth Rs 70 lakh. The total seizure is worth Rs 101,18,17,299.

During the 2018 assembly elections, the total amount seized in Telangana was Rs 103.89 crore. It seems this year it will be many times more.

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