Supreme Court Rejects Fresh Apologies by Ramdev, Expresses Dissatisfaction Over Centre’s Response

New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected the new set of apologies filed by Patanjali founders Ramdev and Balkrishna for the company’s misleading ads.

Reacting to the apologies, the Supreme Court bench said “We are not blind” and that “it does not want to be generous” in this case.

The court also expressed its dissatisfaction with the Centre’s reply in the matter.

“The apology is on paper. Their back is against the wall. We decline to accept this, we consider it a deliberate violation of undertaking,” the bench of Justice Hima Kohli and Justice A Amanullah said.

At the beginning of the proceedings, the bench noted, “Till the matter hit the Court, the contemnors did not find it fit to send us the affidavits. They sent it to the media first, till 7.30 pm yesterday it was not uploaded for us. They believe in publicity clearly.”

Justice Amanullah asked if the apology is “even heartfelt”. “Even after our orders? We don’t want to be so generous in this case,” the bench said.

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