Two Jail Staff Suspended for Group Clash In Bhubaneswar’s  Jharpada Jail

Bhubaneswar: Two jail staff were suspended by the Odisha prison authorities in connection with a group clash at the Jharpada Special Jail in Bhubaneswar on March 17, in which one prisoner was injured.

According to reports, the Odisha Jail authorities placed Warder Prabhat Kumar Maharana and Chief Warder Manguli Sethi of the Jharpada Jail under suspension on an administrative ground and for dereliction of duty.

Reports say, three prisoners namely Chakara Barik, Jaga and Papu attacked another inmate Shambhunath Barik on March 17 night over the illegal narcotics trade inside the cell. The victim was admitted to the Capital Hospital for treatment.

On that night, Warder Prabhat, who was on a duty at high-security cell, is alleged to have shown favour to Chakara Barik, one of the inmates involved in the attack on another prisoner inside the jail. The CCTV footage showed that the jail official had set Chakara free without keeping vigil on his activities. Action was taken against Chief Warder Manguli Sethi, who was on night duty and in-charge of checking the narcotics inside the jail.

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