2 Ganja Suppliers from Koraput Arrested by Delhi Police

New Delhi: Two bulk suppliers of marijuana from Odisha were arrested by Delhi police. The arrested persons were supplying the narcotics to NCR.

They were tracked down by the information extracted from their gang members earlier arrested by the police in Delhi.

The two accused arrested from Odisha were identified as Dasharathiti Khara and Gopi Jala.

In April 116.950 Kg ganja was recovered from the possession of three persons in their Swift car in Jyoti Nagar. Later on, more members of the gang were held.

During interrogation, the arrested persons revealed that they were getting their marijuana stock from bulk suppliers in Koraput of Odisha. And they were Dasharathi and Gopi.

Dasharathiti Khara was in the past arrested with 650 Kg ganja by the Ghaziabad Police.

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