Faking Relative’s Kidnap, Cyber Fraudsters Dupe Senior Citizen

New Delhi: A group of cyber thugs allegedly duped Rs 50,000 from a 62-year-old man in Delhi by making him believe that one of his relatives had been abducted and would be harmed if he did not pay the ransom.

The victim Lakshmi Chand Chawla, a resident of Yamuna Vihar of northeast Delhi received a WhatsApp call and the caller made him believe that his cousin’s 25-year-old son was kidnapped and would be harmed if the money was not paid to them.

As per the complaint lodged by the senior citizen, during the call, the voice of a man crying in the background was heard, which made him believe the caller.

According to police sources, the accused gave the victim a different number on which he was asked to transfer an amount of Rs 50,000.

Later the victim realized that he was cheated after several weeks, when he spoke with his cousin and found that his son was safely at home. He then registered a FIR about the matter and police have started an investigation into it.

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