Angul: Sleeping Youth Found Dead with Throat Slit, Police Launch Investigation

Angul: In a distressing incident that unfolded late last night, unknown assailants perpetrated a gruesome murder in Olabira village, located within the Angul district. The victim, a young man named Biswanath Bargia and a resident of Olabira village, met a tragic end as he slept peacefully in a stilt house on his property.

According to police, Biswanath had been in the stilt house earlier in the evening, guarding his sweet potato crop from potential animal threats. Subsequently, he retired to sleep in the same vicinity, which was in close proximity to his residence. It was during his slumber that he was brutally attacked with a sharp weapon, resulting in his tragic death.

In a desperate attempt to seek help and in considerable pain, Biswanath managed to make his way to his residential house, clutching his wound and calling out for assistance. Regrettably, the severity of his injuries caused him to collapse in front of his home, succumbing to the significant loss of blood.

The perpetrator or perpetrators swiftly fled the scene following the heinous act, leaving Biswanath’s family in shock and distress. Upon receiving the distress call, the Purunakote police promptly arrived at the scene and initiated an investigation into the matter. A case has been officially registered, and Biswanath’s body has been sent to the hospital for a post-mortem examination.

The motive behind this gruesome act remains unclear, and authorities are actively investigating the circumstances surrounding Biswanath’s tragic demise. As of now, the exact reasons for his killing have yet to be determined, and the investigation is ongoing.

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