Lok Sabha Polls 2024 Set to Generate 9 Lakh Temporary Jobs: Experts

New Delhi: As the nation gears up for the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections, industry experts project the creation of approximately nine lakh temporary positions nationwide. Spanning a range of roles vital to the electoral process, these jobs include polling booth officials, election clerks, security personnel, data entry operators, transportation coordinators, and administrative staff.

According to WorkIndia CEO Nilesh Dungarwal, this rise in temporary employment mirrors the diverse requirements of election-related activities. Drawing from past trends, positions like accounting, data entry, security personnel, back office support, delivery drivers, field sales, retail, manual labour, and content writing are anticipated to witness significant demand.

Reports suggest that over the past six months, approximately 2,00,000 temporary roles have emerged, spanning sectors such as data analysis, planning, public relations, market surveys, media relations, content design, and social media marketing.

Experts predict a substantial uptick in activities like event management, printing, transportation, catering, security, IT network management, and analytics during the campaign phase.

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