Education Ministry Asks NCERT To Review, Update Textbooks On Yearly Basis

New Delhi: The Ministry of Education (MoE) has reportedly instructed the NCERT to review and update its textbooks annually, citing the need to keep pace with the rapidly changing educational landscape.

Although there’s no official mandate on the update frequency, sources indicate a push for yearly revisions to ensure the materials remain current.

“In today’s fast-changing world, it’s crucial to keep textbooks up-to-date,” a source stated. NCERT has been tasked with conducting yearly reviews and ensuring updates are made before the start of each new academic session.

NCERT is presently working on developing textbooks aligned with the New Curriculum Framework (NCF) unveiled last year. According to sources, textbooks adhering to the new curriculum will be available for all classes by 2026.

Notably, new textbooks for Classes 3 and 6 have already been introduced this year.

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